Thursday, 17 April 2014

Left to Do

Apartment-reno-wise. In reading the various sites about how to live comfortably in a small space, none of the spaces had radiators and the all had square walls, that is, not the mansard-style walls/ceiling I have.

One of my ideas was to put in skylights, many years ago, but the landlord would hear nothing of it, citing leaks. Maybe, but then again, maybe not and having light from above certainly would have made the last 30 years living in two squalid rooms brighter.

I want to create a gallery wall with the pile of art
and guess, at some point, I'll make a start at looking at what I have and then figure out what I might

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

"Courage" for Germany

Another Mail Art Project, this one for Germany. They wanted something that shows courage.
I don't have much but then I thought of the axe through the keyboard. Took courage to cleave the board; took courage to do without the magic of the Internet. We'll see what they say.

This will probably be my last Mail Art Project. Although the message in a bottle is ready to send to Spain, the way our postal rates have jumped, I don't think it's in the budget. Sending post cards around the world at $2.50 a pop certainly isn't.

So Germany, you are the lucky winner!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Guitar Cases Ready

All the guitar cases have been repatriated from the van and await the next show which will be in
May although one never knows what will come up. They stand at the ready.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Marvie Little Pot Lights

Weighted and bright. Normal plug, no three-prong. Clear cord so unobtrusive. Good for floor and attractive enough to sit on a table or shelf.

I tried it with this electric base case and the colour certainly is better with the light but focus remains troublesome. This is just a fall-back of my camera and perhaps all camera's when tasked with trying to focus on a million things at once.

In person, the effect is wonderful.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Fifty Dollars Richer

No doubt but this was a slog; a great deal of work went into getting everything together and then standing around for five hours to make $50.

The up-side, much stuff went and much stuff got donated to the community centre. And I bought three foot lights for illuminating my guitar cases for the next show. These are heavy pot lights and will be fabulous for this app.

Met some lovely people there today, too.

Not a loss, really.

Took in a memorial on the way home. Former associate died a pauper and was to be buried in a pauper's grave but people he knew have come forward and are arranging for a regular, some may say, real funeral. Seeing as how he died in early February and is still on ice at the funeral parlour and will be there for a few more months, this is what one might call a recovery.

Grand to see musicians come out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and share their talent.

Kevin Dooley, MC and progenitor
of the event.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Everything Goes

Everything goes. This is a good motto.

The Arts and Scraps Flea Market is tomorrow at 10:00
at the Overbrook Community Centre on Quill St. in Ottawa.
My van is loaded. I have priced everything in clean, see-through bags. There are many treasures for the savvy person. I just hope enough people come that I sell most of the stuff I am bringing.

I am going to show four or five guitar cases, giving people a good idea of the kind of custom work that is doable. I can say one thing, my booth is going to be colourful.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Small Bags

 Dollar Stores are fabulous. They knew exactly what I was looking for when I waved my hands about and tried to show that I wanted small, zip-lock plastic bags mostly associated with drug dealing.

Funny thing, that. I guess people who do crafts, jewellery makers, they use these bags, you know, for their shepherd hooks and findings.

I wish I knew the person who determined that all those finicky little bits and pieces used in the fashioning of jewellery should be called findings.
These are actually the first things one loses.

So good to have a young cat present who desperately wants to help fill that box of goods that is ear-marked for the Arts and Scraps Flea Market this coming Saturday.

From Wikipedia. Examples of findings. 

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Door Prize for Saturday's Flea Market

Great news! We have a door prize for Saturday. It's a gift basket my sister donated to the cause.

The more I sift through things, the more I find that I didn't realize I
had. So much was tucked away. Many items, I do not think I will have a use for so off they go to others who may.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Huge Job

I've just gone through a few drawers and boxes of stuff and have already filled two boxes worth of things to bring to the Arts and Scraps Flea Market on Saturday.

Each vendor will have a large table, none of this card table nonsense, and since I plan to use guitar cases as holders of the goods, or maybe not, depends on if they will stay open and not bean people, I should have an attractive display.

I have beads, buttons and feathers and also some interesting gewgaws that will put a spark in some crafter's eye. Paint, I am keeping but I have hundreds of Magic Markers, pencils and crayons that I am parting out.

It's a clean slate I'll be starting out with come May.