Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Waxing Profound

Well, perhaps not profound but where there's a will, there's a way and I need a fake penis for my Platonic/Romantic board and figure I can fashion one out of wax. This has lead to much hilarity, just me and the cats, and M-L calling for a quick chat, over the afternoon.
With this penis laying down on the job, something upright was needed.
Hot wax does not affect rubber but it does create the biggest mess!

If this looks to you, like a condom thrust into a toilet paper roll immersed in a jar of snow, you are right!
The bathroom was the only place I could heat to help the Silcon dry.

Both projects, the Quirky B. for the show and the sign for outside the gallery, have been worked on for the past several days. Much toing and froing. And there will no doubt be some amendments before these pieces are hung tomorrow. They will be dry, however, and not wet. I had trepidation that the Silicon would not be dry but with another day to set, it will be fine.

The art was supposed to be at the gallery this aft but it's snowing to beat the band here and nothing's moving on city streets...and certainly, nothing's moving out of my driveway.

Ah, lovely, gentle snow. What respite it has provided.