Sunday, 11 September 2011

Good to Go for the Show

Got the mobile thing happening, the I Killed Renoir, Too, and, shortly,
the revision of numerous revisions of I Groped the Magnificent Seven.
In transit.
The questions below are ones which Victoria Nolte, the gallery's student intern, would like some consideration given for inclusion in a press release she is going to write about the show which starts Thursday. This is simply the beginning of the show and not the Vernissage. This comes Oct. 6.

I will be thinking about my answers to these
questions over night in readiness to send Victoria what she needs as soon as possible.
1. What significance do you feel the Group of Seven has had on Canadian culture?

2. Do you feel that the Group of Seven's influence is as relevant today as it was one hundred years ago?

3. As an artist, how has the Group of Seven influenced your work?

4. What are your thoughts regarding the show title, I Killed the Group of Seven?