Saturday, 28 July 2012

The Trilithon is in the front garden currently. It is free-standing which may not be the best. One thing, it should be mounted on a separate board for ease of moving. Currently, it is impossible to move without imperiling it.

Below,  Our Father bathed in the light of liquid paraffin. Lamp oil is not easy to come by and experiments using mineral oil, paint thinner and other substances were ill-fated. The right stuff is the right stuff. 

And the final photo is a front-on view of the Bed-Sit featuring a door-to-perception and a royal carpet although, alas, it isn't red.

Forgot to mention that an old, half-restored door is now part of the Bed/Sit, complete with tie-back curtains. Also, a new wooden coffee table, to the lower left and directly in front, a runner that people can wipe their feet on if necessary. I should print a huge WELCOME on it.