Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Liberating Form From Function

Taking some of the flat black Tremclad left over from the Lincoln, I took a standard keyboard and using a small bush, hand painted it. I went out of the lines lots. The thing about these boards is that I am never sure where I am going when I start and how it's going to end up. But ultimately, like a landscape artist knows where the final stroke has been made, the board stands on its own.

Initially, I took a few measurements and drew one solid white line horizontally across the board. Then I drew a series of dashes above it. I now had my information highway, the board being the creator of information but now a highway made manifest with a bit of paint.

Still early in my formative Quirky B years, I was not yet pulling up keys but I was gluing small objects onto boards. In this case, I glued cubes of foam I'd painted black to act as stabilizers for the cars that were then hot-glued in a jumble across the black expanse.

These small, for the most part, metal cars used, were all hand-painted in somber acrylic colours excepts for a couple added after the fact that provide a bit of colour.

And then, in a shaky hand using white house paint, the words, The Information Highway Crashes and Burns. Had I enough room, I would have added, And Not a Moment Too Soon!


Shannon Lee