Thursday, 22 April 2010

Go With the Flow

There are many manufacturers of keyboards and no two are alike. The keys are in the same position, so follow the QWERTY designation, but often, the numerical pad will be in a different position and certainly, the feel or action of the keys is different. Thus, a Dell keyboard is
decidedly different from an IBM and both of them from a Compaq. And MacIntosh boards, as demonstrated by the old-style board to the right, are different yet.

And then there are keyboards in a different physical configuration; the keys are still QWERTY but the actual board is made of a different substance: they are larger or smaller, with an apron or without, ergonomic or not.

Above is an example of keys encased in rubber and a board that is therefore flexible. Useful in situations where the user either can't support the weight of a hard plastic board or needs it to mold to their body, as a patient or disabled person who is not in an upright position.

These rubber boards come in a variety of colours and are excellent for use under circumstances where cleanliness is important, as in child care centres, community centres and again, under hospital/patient care situations. The boards are waterproof and can therefore be washed.

When considering what quirky thing to do with this style of board, having decapitated Barbie Doll-type bodies sprayed using a variety of shiny automotive paint, using an over-spray of metalflake gold seemed most appropriate.

Having the dolls hold the keyboard elevated to give the effect of a continual flow of information completes the message. Preparation for this Quirky B entailed washing and drying the dolls before they lost their heads.

Thank-you for stopping by.

Shannon Lee