Monday, 26 April 2010

Help! We're all wired!

Thing is, some of us don't want to be. Which is why this Quirky B has doll heads with savagely shorn hair, symbol of despair. The weird hair colour is ash and instead of sack cloth, disconnected connectors.

The cords circle the heads like countless umbilici; around, under and over, to the astonishment of all, as if they are powerless to control what is going on.

Glassy-eyed with pasted-on smiles, it's as if these girls are on drugs, a particularly pernicious type of crack.

Check out Mr. Handsome. If he weren't wired-for-sound, he'd be a shoe salesman or working in his uncle's widget factory.

The multicoloured curlicue that skirts the board is telephone receiver cord, all tangled, barely receiving, anchoring the dolls to their sad and hopeless fate.