Sunday, 2 May 2010


Progression is wonderful! Thing is, the boards are fragile. The glue can let go, the paint can peel, things can fall off.

My first thought was to make various collages, photograph them and then have posters printed professionally. Having tried a high-gloss spray, this works on the flat boards, those with wax or small items affixed but those with models or dolls or objects that could be "picked off", it's not as secure as I want. (RE: picked off. I don't know why anyone should be rough-handling art but it happens.)

At a quaint paint store in an out-of-the-way plaza, I spoke with the owner about what I want to do and he suggesting that I try Nu-Lustre-55. Not sure what the Circa 1850 is about especially since my aim is to reintroduce Pop Art to this millennium, not two back.

If this product does what it promises, it might be exactly what I need. Imagine, 55 coats of varnish in one process. It will be a grand experiment.

At one point, I thought resin might work but resin generates heat while it cures which might have an effect on the glue and wax used on some of the boards not to mention the finish on bits of jewellery and on the various types of paint used.

And I shall continue to experiment with other fixatives including Varnish, Urethane and odd-ball substances that I think might work.

For instance, I came across some clear roofing material that I thought might work and I've considered lamination and vacuum sealing.

I even tried using this clear hair stuff that I thought might dry and give a protective coating. This was a non-starter.
Stay tuned for how I turn my kitchen into a veritable chemistry lab as I anticipate the reaction of a variety of fixatives to the substances used to create the Quirky B's.

Thank-you, Shannon Lee