Sunday, 2 May 2010

Drugs and Elegance

Your Brain on Drugs is a board I've been meaning to do for some months. Collecting the paraphernalia was crucial in making the statement that drugs put one's mind in a stanglehold.

The brain is anatomically correct and the apparatus was functional at one time, just missing the rock. I see I left out a book of matches or lighter. How to cook the crack, otherwise? All of what's shown is what is contained in most crack kits provided by various cities. The reverse of the board shows a listing of what is in a kit and on the sides of the board, some tips for using crack.

On the same weekend, I worked on a board that can be called nothing short of Elegance.

Sometimes, there needs no meaning, no special message, hidden or otherwise.

Beauty is its own reward.

Thank-you or being here.
Shannon Lee