Wednesday, 20 February 2013

More of the Play

Act 1, Sc iii

Max sits smoking at the table. He turns off the radio and goes to You Tube on the laptop and plays, Did You Tell Her, softly. Susan enters and starts to make a cup of tea.

S: (turns to him) You ready to spout words of wisdom? I need to flesh out a few scenes in the play.

M: (gives her a look and pretends to be earnest) Did you ever make skinny love?

S: (turns to look at him incredulously) What?

M: You know, skinny love?

S: (looking aghast) What the fuck do you mean?

M: Well, you're such a fat, old cow, I just wonder if you weren't always so fat and perhaps had made skinny love?

S: I have no idea what you mean.

M: (feigning intercourse, grunting, and using his hands to show a lissome body shape)

S: Good grief! Is that all you can think of? (comes to table with tea and a note pad she picks up from the counter and sits down.)

M: I don't like it when you write down everything I say.

S: Oh? Why not?

M: I just don't like it. My thoughts are my own. What if I wrote down everything you said?

S: That'd be interesting coming from someone who can't write and who doesn't know how to use spell check.

M: I don't like it....You shouldn't write down things when I'm drunk.

S: You say the best things when you're drunk and you do those fabulous albeit insensitive imitations of a retarded person.

M: (his hand snaps to his chest doing the sign language sign for M. His body and face change to that of a severely retarded person. This lasts a few seconds.) Whatever. Moo-tard!

Did you know that there's a song called, Skinny Love?