Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Calling all Feminists!

Photo horribly over-exposed. Done purposely.

The Ottawa Sun wanted to do an interview about the pornographic material in the store window on Bank St. in downtown Ottawa.

Just as we were finishing, a woman came rushing out of the store and demanded to get on camera. She said she loves the shop and wanted to come out on its side.

The thing is, she did anything but be a proponent for the store because what she said was so pathetically sexually ridiculous, it was a caricature of what the store might have supposed a true connoisseur of their goods is. The cameraman, to his credit, did not guffaw and stop filming. The interviewer just stood there looking embarrassed.  I tried not to smile but a few Dear Me smiles may have sneaked by.

And this woman avowedly isn't into BDSM. She just likes to dress in sexy little things and dirty dance with her man.