Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Creativity Heats Up

Trying out some new things with the Practice Board. The PB is a board I use to try out various techniques. For instance, to see what glues work or to see what properties hot wax has on cold plastic.

This evening's experiment was to see what effect heat has on a plastic table cloth with a lace design.

Using a heat gun, the plastic bubbled and ended up looking like roasted marshmallows. It did not melt enough to change shape nor did it stick to the keys.

What is interesting is that the keys underneath the plastic sheet, they melted quite readily.

Heat gun applied directly to plastic table cloth.

Result: keys underneath melted.

Table cloth did not melt into the keys but burned and became discoloured. It separated easily from the keyboard, however, and there were subtle indentations in the plastic. Smoked a bit. Best to do this sort of thing outside or with very good ventilation.

Thank-you for warming me with your attention.

Shannon Lee