Thursday, 21 February 2013

Play Reprieve

This means no bits of The Three Year Deal this eve. Some are probably happy about this.

I wish I'd brought my camera with me this eve as I saw so many interesting things as I walked around Centretown in Ottawa putting up posters about a Dodge Caravan I had stolen from my garage on the weekend. I know the police are keeping their eyes open but I think it is important to let the community know that there is a problem. I put up 50 posters.

One thing I saw that was unique this eve were three white cars proceeding slowly in one lane on one of our busiest four-lane roads. I thought it was odd, they were all the same, and then the headlights from another car shone on them and I saw what they were, police ghost cars. White sedans, unremarkable until huge letters, POLICE, are illuminated by a source of light. In daylight, these vehicles would not be identified as cop cars. Interesting. Never saw this use of that paint before. I saw this sort of paint job on a vintage Cadillac that was being used by a local design shop as advertising but never thought the police would use something like this.