Sunday, 9 May 2010

Gemma 1 and 2

There are amazing things to be done using molten wax and, in this case, plastic jewels. Talk about a dynamic combination!

The first Gemma board is very special because it is the first sale, if you will, that I made.

When Paul Dewar, MP for Ottawa Centre, spearheaded an art auction to help victims of the earthquake in Haiti, I wanted to contribute a board and I chose Gemma.

At first, I did not want to let it go as it was the first board I'd done of its type and I liked it. So I created another board when became Gemma 2. This is the board that I kept and I gave the original Gemma to the cause.

I am very pleased to say that Susan from Ottawa bid on the board and it is now in her collection.

This is what Gemma 1 looking like on display at the Cube Gallery during the auction.

Thank-you, again, everyone for enjoying my art.
Shannon Lee