Sunday, 13 June 2010

Animals have Sin?

Now this is something hardly anyone knows, that along with associated colours for the Seven Deadly Sins, there are animals and punishments. Punishments might be expected but animals? And who chose which animal goes with what sin?

Here is the rundown:

Pride (violet) which probably should be purple, is the horse.

Envy (green) is the dog but why not the frog?

Gluttony (orange) decimated in Friday night's downfall, is the pig.

Greed (yellow) is the frog. Frog = greed? This is something to make you go, hmmmm.

Lust (blue) again, why when sultry rose is more apropos, has the lowly mooing cow associated with it.

Sloth (light blue) two blues, as if the spectrum doesn't have enough colours from which to choose, has the goat.

I doubt if whomever dreamed up the correlations had either
of these two images in mind.

More later. Thank-you.

Shannon Lee