Sunday, 6 February 2011

Getting it Right

One of the problematical things about photographing the Quirky B's is that it is difficult if not impossible to show the colour, texture and, especially, the shiny aspect of many of the boards.

In experimenting this eve, Snow Job, to the right, is not showing exactly as it is. The board fairly leaps off the shelf, the brightest one there. This is pretty well the best I can get it, top right. Note the cartoon effect below. Of course, it may be the small Kodak point and shoot camera I'm using so I'll reserve judgment.

To the left, is a new board
hanging on the wall, ART. There is a POP which must be located soon.
Using a photo flood makes a bit of a difference in how these two boards look. The upper on is a confluence of stickers and is a look I enjoy so much.

And below it is Flower Power, a mixture of coloured wax, paint, sand to give texture, and shiny plastic flowers.

And below, of course, is an old standby, the board that was used at the top of this blog.