Sunday, 3 April 2011

Poemography by BB

 Yet another offering as we think our way through this topic and event.

Erotic art pornography
Who decides for thee

Are our brains  the sole adjudicator
What is titillating to a masturbator

Some societies  impose a rule
Standards to stop the  cesspool that sparks salivation and drool

Would a bare ankle in the Victorian day
Spark a naughty thought that stymied its display

Does is compare in today's generation
To a cum shot video with reckless penetration

Is Coubert's explicit spread legged  hirsute vagina still scandalous to see
His revised Origin of The World airbrushed today  to add more shrubbery

Max Ernst's The Robbing of the Bride
Should the surrealists no longer claim it with pride

Draw a line to reach into infinity
And the chicken with never cross the road not even into eternity

T he point to be made is clear to me
I am the master of my own morality