Friday, 20 May 2011

An Abundance of Art Supplies

Barbie glasses and case.
A fabulous day of gathering art supplies. Procuring 101 wax  crayons means I'll be doing some molten wax creations for the next show, Anything Goes, at John Patrick Mills. And now that there are Quirky B's at La Petite Mort, I'll be creating additional boards so that there is always something  new.

This is too special! A perfect size and absolutely waterproof and functional.
One of the best found items of the day was a hard plastic case that perfectly fits my Kodak point 'n shoot camera. This will keep my well-used camera safe from knocks and moisture. I was using a child's hard plastic purse from time-to-time but this is far superior as it is actually waterproof.

Colour me bright!
Look at this amazing Day-Glo PlayDoh!