Tuesday, 28 June 2011

 A Thing of Beauty. And so it shall always be.

This Quirky B, called A Thing of Beauty,. is scheduled to leave home tomorrow to take up residence in another home. Like kittens and puppies, one has to find good homes for one's creative endeavours.
These keyboards enjoyed a day in the rain barrel, as per yesterday's photo, and today, they spent some time drying and then it rained and they got a bit of a rinse.

Keyboards are filthy items. There are not an item usually seen in the bedroom or bathroom but unseemly things are often done to them and with them. Think of "hands" and "handle" and you'll get the idea.

As for the keyed-up flower holder which was fashioned last summer, it is holding up...barely.  I would not recommend hot glue as an outside fixative, not with plastic, at least.