Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Da Boyz

These guys watched over various goings-on in the garage today which included trying to find caulking to complete the final Marilyn. No such luck. The acrylic caulking I found was dried up and although there are two loaded caulking guns in my studio, are they discoverable? Not likely.

These three joined the skull from yesterday and perhaps something marvelous will happen to one of the lucky plastic ossifications this evening. Something quite wonderful appeared on an Internet site a few weeks back and I thought I would not be able to replicate it, not having access to skulls, however, one word, HALLOWEEN!

In another of the interminable landlord/tenant situations that arise chez moi, my studioapartmentstudio, all the same thing, is quaint but exceedingly small necessitating the storage of many items outside of the four walls. The garage is bursting with tools, wood, an adult tricycle, more tools, shelves of power tools, and it is my workshop all summer long. There are Quirky B's stored there on shelves and a kid's wagon-full of inventory. (Thank-you, T.J!)

The basement, to which the other two tenants have access, is a dry spot and each apartment has locker space. Seasonal items are stored on shelves or on the floor outside the lockers, in areas where they will not be in any one's way. There is no fire hazard.

A situation has arisen where some items have gone missing. When something went missing several years ago, I thought I'd simply misplaced it, never thinking that anyone would have taken large bolt cutters, for this is what went missing.

Recently, an aluminum ladder was taken, apparently, by accident , but it was never returned, and within the past two or three weeks, an electric portable typewriter was taken. The landlord is of the mind that if things are not in tenants' lockers, they are fair game. The lockers are inadequate, have no shelves and no lighting.  I have art supplies, including paint, foam boards and of course, scores of  keyboards stored in the house I have lived in for the past 30 years but, apparently, they are not secure.

So I made this sign today.

There need be no further explanation.