Saturday, 21 December 2013


You wouldn't know it to look at it but that's Ed Asner on his way to the first day on the job of running #41 District Precinct in the movie, Fort Apache, The Bronx. Paul Newman also starred in this movie.

My house number is also 41. The coincidence is not lost on me.

The  location of the police station was inimical to the police inside, since the people living in the area were at odds with law and order. The house I live in is inimical we who live here because the people who are the landlord are at odds with tenants, look upon them as bothersome, which has a direct impact on we who endure their lack of diligence and in most cases, their egregious incompetence.

For decades, I've said that living where I do is like living at Fort Apache, the Bronx. 
When I actually watched that movie for the first time, I was flabbergasted to recognize the numeral 41 over the door of the police station about 18 minutes into the film.