Sunday, 22 December 2013

Totally New

Added today, Google Translate.
The button is located on the left, just above the date. Smallish and in colour. There is a white box that says, Select Language.

This will allow anyone in the world to translate blog text into any language they desire.

Time was, I translated blog text into Russian and German since there were
many readers in these European countries. Now, anyone anywhere can read to their heart's content.

Thank-you, Google Translate.

More than 80 languages available including the ones below that were just added this month.

This becomes important as readership wanders around the world. For instance, today, here's who's tuning in. 


United States  248
Canada  64
Germany  14
Ukraine  11
Serbia  10
United Kingdom  5
France  2
Malaysia  2
Poland  2
China  1