Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mystery Items and a Sign for the Good

Hallelujah! An old family friend who was a typewriter repairman over his lifetime, now at 80, finds no need of this box of spare keys from mechanical typewriters from the fifties and sixties.

Looking at the side of the box, I infer that this was his "foreign" box as it says FRENCH. I have already found a pound sterling key so I assume that there are special letters from other languages in addition to French accents and such.

And the box, aged lo these fifty years, unilingual which hasn't happened in Canada for decades, once help spray enamel, forest green, which would have been one of the colours of metal typewriter bodies. This was possibly used for touch-up on machines in for repair.

The No Trespassing sign was fashioned today on a slab of roofing material. With a plethora of theft, no sense letting potential thieves think that just because it doesn't say so, it's OK to wander around at will. The police endorse this idea and in some jurisdictions, if a complaint about trespassing and/or theft goes to court, being able to prove that a sign was in place will seal the deal for the perp.