Monday, 25 July 2011

The Sentinel

Harvey thinks he's a troop carrier.

Why is there a cat in the middle of my battlefield?

You were perhaps expecting a soldier? Well there are soldiers in the photos. I doubt if the keyboard will stay white but I did want to experiment with figurines outside in a natural setting. Lost my the last moment.

The red-eyed sentinel.

A problem arises when one's pets think that it is time for frolic. They think that it's going to be last last week when we all slept outside, rough, on a mat. It
was 100 F inside the house and only 99 F out.

With the WAR show just over a week away, the push is on to have something more than the Woe No Mo' board.

You'd think my pacifist brain would take to the theme of war and its antithesis, Peace, with alacrity.

We will see.