Monday, 23 December 2013

A Very Cold Night

I went in search of Christmas lights this eve and found hardly anything. Forget the new condos in the area. These are not neighbours, they are squatters in our neighbourhood.

The Chinese Community Apartment netted one fifth floor celebration but for two city blocks, there were a few unlit wreathes and some desultory strings of lights, thrown up, not even positioned. One walkway featured some lit candy canes but by this time, my camera and hands were frozen and I could not take a photo. Time was when every house had lights. The festivity seems to have vanished with materialism taking its place.
Little snow hats on the hydrangea.

I spent much time at an Ottawa Hydro site where there's a huge solar collector. It rotates to capture the sun's rays. I was amused to see it horizontal to the sky, as if trying to catch a moon beam or a contrail from Santa's sleigh.

Looks mysterious here.
This is a massive structure. It's hardly noticeable
in the summer given its location among many
mature trees but in the fall and winter,  it's very much
Well-protected. I wasn't about to climb the
fence, not in this weather. The day was balmy
but currently, it's very cold and my camera
and hands did not hold up.