Saturday, 14 August 2010

Hintonburg Arts Festival, Day Two Tomorrow

Sign of the times.
A good Festival of the Arts. Perhaps 40 booths along Hinchey and Ladouceur, the Quirky B's location being the latter. Early bird and worm and all that stuff. Arriving at 11:05 meant not being on the main drag but it really didn't matter because people wandered along the other small block where there were eight or nine booths.

In a chat with Patrick John Mills, owner of the gallery and proponent of this Hintonburg Arts Festival, he mentioned that between 300 and 400 people had been by during the noon to 7:00pm hours.

Hinchey St. where most of the booths are.
High tech grads. When will they ever learn.

I set up along a fence with a woman from Maberly, Lisa, who had charming hand-painted, frames 4 x 6 photos along with floor-mat-art done on canvass meant for the floor but often framed and hung, they were that lovely.
Lisa's easel and floor mats.

A kid's wagon, de rigeur for art shows. How else to get all one's art to their spot?

If you don't make an're missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School provided opportunity for plein aire life drawing.

My tables filled with Quirky B's.
There were belly dancers and other interesting people.

The view across from the Quirky B's.

Thank-you for being there.

Shannon Lee