Sunday, 15 August 2010

Hintonburg Festival of the Arts Rained-out Today

Alas and such a pity when so much work goes into the planning and preparation. Thank-you to the Mills family and Tony, among others, I'm sure, who put so much effort into the festival.

The Dodge van was loaded with what has become my waterproof show so mainly the molten wax boards and those that have a coating that makes them fairly impermeable. I even created a new board this morning to bring.
Sapphire, I think I'll call it Sapphire.

The festival yesterday was so interesting, I think a few more photos are in order. Today would have been
wonderful, too.

Love this sign!
At the end of the day, several artists gathered at Chiconzero Chazunguza's tent.
The signature Canada umbrella over two tables of Quirky B's.
Taking a photo from behind is always interesting.
Roy Fokes' sensuous leather art is exquisite.
Perhaps I should put the Card Board on a Card Table.

Art patrons studying Roy's photo album.
The making of more belly dancers.