Sunday, 3 March 2013

Someone Else's Art

It's something artists think about, what happens to my art when I'm not here. When I die, where does it go. Lord knows, it isn't coming with me.

So when a friend, Sheila D, died recently of health problems exacerbated by diabetes, and her art had not found a home, some of her exquisite miniatures found a home with me.

Sheila worked for years fashioning textured and nuanced small works, brooches, actually, but in the context of now these are tiny canvases, montages or collages, colourful and detailed, made from a variety of found and bought items.

One idea I am considering is to mount many of
them, perhaps using the green baize material you see here as a backdrop and to do a shadowbox that will then be given to the Canadian Diabetes Association on Montreal Road here in Ottawa for a wall in their office.