Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Nonsense of Living

First, American Express sends me a bill for $ .36. It cost them more than double that to send the bill.
A huge, WTF mail moment.

And then, when I leave my apartment in the middle of the day, I notice that someone has stolen three pairs of my winter boots. I have no vestibule and no room for winter boots so I leave them on a shelf outside my door, which is where I put them on.

The shelf, as you can see, is not discernible from the bottom of the stairs so the person who took these boots knew that they were there, as well as they know that they front door of this three-unit house is open, and they came in the middle of the night and loaded two shopping bags and took them. You could not carry them otherwise.

You may recall how chuffed I was last Wednesday when I bought the last pair of size 5 boy's hunting boots and equipped them with cleats. These are gone. They had two canes upright in them and the
bastard took the boots in full knowledge of the owner's need for stability and enhanced mobility.

Where are my boots and cleats now?
I made a police report but it's as if they are just collecting statistics and have no plan to do anything about the reported situation. Citizens, in effect, are their own police force now.

The shelf cannot be seen from the
bottom of the stairs.
Here is the shelf beside my apartment door.

The shelf from where three pairs of winter boots
were stolen in the middle of the night.
It's going to sound bad, and I am mad as hell as I love Used Ottawa and Kijiji, but I believe that someone who came here to pick up some items I was giving away on Used Ottawa saw the rubber hunting boots when they retrieved their item from the shelf and they decided to return and steal them when everyone was asleep. They took the other two pair in an opportunistic moment.

Oh, the police, cards that they are, suggested that I look at Used Ottawa and Kijiji, along with area pawn shops, to see it the items show up for sale. 

If only they'd do their job. I can isolate the one person who was here to pick up something as a key suspect because I know the kindergarten teacher coming to pick up toys isn't the thief, as well as I know the woman who came to pick up a bin of Barbie Dolls to be taken to Rwanda didn't steal the boots. The man with the six-year-old in tow who came for art supplies, it isn't him, either.

It's someone with a drug problem who is going to sell or trade my property for crack or heroin.
I hope they OD.