Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Renos at JPM Continue and New Sculpture Arrives

The gallery is about to double in size. There are amazing renos ongoing. Come on Thursday, Nov. 3/11 to the opening of Patrick John Mill's first solo show in  more than a year and a half. Catered food and libation!

Meanwhile a new sculptor, Jack Stekelenburg, has gleefully joined the cadre of sculptors who give their creations a home at Patrick John Mills.

Jack calls his metal fabrication, Speak No Evil. He brought one I loved, a skeleton of a small dinosaur, looking all the world like a beagle with no skin or flesh, and it had a huge chain leading to a stake. It'll be on-hand for The Art of Giving, PJMG's December show. He calls it Dino. You an see a photo of it here.