Saturday, 28 January 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty

You are probably wondering what the little valentine-starring kitty is doing included in this particular blog.

The other two photos were taken today through the speckled window at After Stonewall. I dropped by with a generous selection of cards and they are now in the window. This may change if the owner wants to feature other cards but I supposed the main thing is getting people into the store and if they are drawn by these unique postcard-type valentines, that so be it.

I want to tell a bit of a story how I was at a goodwill store in the province of Quebec and pawing through a box of old cameras when I came across a digital camera. An older model, only four mega pixels and an unknown brand, Centrio, and no batteries so it would not fire-up. However, it did have a memory card in it, albeit only 256 MB. Still, being in desperate need of another memory card, I thought the $2.99 asking price for the camera was reasonable. If it didn't work, I would at least have the card.

There is something voyeuristic about buying a used book and finding a personal letter in it or buying a cassette tape of mixed music someone else has put together so that it's their taste and significant music, not yours. And with this memory card from the discarded camera, I was uncertain what I might find.

Fortunately, I was able to download the card, with 92 photos, from my Kodak digital. I have no idea how I would have downloaded the photos directly from the Centrio.

I was not disappointed. The photos were of a family undertaking various events: camping, bicycling, swimming, mugging for the camera. I hope they had copies of these as I erased them.

The camera itself does not work properly. It takes a photo and then seizes and has to be restarted. It burns through batteries. The photo of Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, aka, Blackie, was taken with it.