Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Under the Watchful Eye(s)

As You You, the Adorable looked on from his vantage on a comfortable pink blanket by the radiator, the day was spent in experimentation. With a new show, I Love You, starting at the Patrick John Mills Gallery shortly, the push is on to create art to this theme.

This week and the next will be spent in playing with ideas that bounce colour, texture and design until something jells.

One experiment today involved in taking apart a keyboard to see what might be done to prevent epoxy from slipping into the tray below the keys. In the keyboard I used, there will be no problem for as soon as the top was removed from the bottom, the keys lost their spring and simply rested in place thereby forming a relatively tight seal. Since the epoxy is thicker than water, it should hold in place. I tested with water and it is slow to drain through to the back.

In the first of the examples below, I am trying to form a heart around a shiny red bauble-of-a-heart using pried-up keys, some of which had been painted for other uses, some, just plain black or beige. The concept works but now how to secure the keys. And the backing, a mini-satellite dish, probably should be painted a bleeding shade of red.

In the other case, my attempt at replicating a crossword puzzle
using words synonymous with Love, in this case Give, Eros, Lust and I wanted to add Care and Hope but doubt if they'll fit in, needs more back-at-the-blackboard-planning.