Friday, 9 March 2012

Practice Frames

The green wood around the photo is good and the white background works. I like the fact that the board was photographed in outdoor light and on fine gravel.

The perspective is a little off. The Lone Ranger, in the upper right corner, a blue cowboy on a white horse, cannot be differentiated. And since I want to put at the top, "the Lone Ranger rides in and saves the day", it's best that he be immediately recognizable.

No longer an artist's proof, this print of Getting the Axe looks fabulous in a plain black metal frame.

I'll be showing this print again for the April show, Quit Your Job. It's entirely apropos and I want to show the framed print instead of the artist proof that is now on display.

The name of this print is Sole to Sole. Could just as easily be called Soul to Soul or Sole to Soul.. It's superimposed over Getting the Axe to see if this is the best choice of frame. I could see this hanging in a bedroom or bathroom.

The name might change. Soul to Sole. I like it.

The green mat is the wrong colour. Blue would be better. And I'm not certain of a wooden frame. Metal or even plastic might be better. But the print is good. I like the way it almost looks 3D.

This exercise in fitting and refitting is giving me a new appreciation for what goes into framing. Also, choice of material, mat colour, glass with glare or non-glare glass, there are many considerations.

One thing to try is to actually cut out the keyboard and then dry-mount it to a background. Consider the print to the left without the black oblong at the bottom of the board. I think it would look better.