Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Getting the Boards Ready for Saturday

I'm getting the boards from the floor-to-ceiling shelves where they are stored and repairing some, freshening up others and, in general, making sure that they are ready to be packed up for the One Night Stand on Saturday evening.

Here are two, the top one, Kasbah and the other, BINGO!, called so because the colour is done with bingo daubers. Quite an interesting effect.

These boards were earlier on and when I look at them, I realize how far I've come.

The plan for Saturday is to bring as many of these boards and have them on the shelves upon which paintings usually perch. With scores of these boards and then some ones that are more conceptual, such as the Cradle Board, the Ironing Board, Wired, the Manic-Depressive Board, The Key Board, The Guten Board and several others along these lines, the display should be colourful and interesting. 

Another thing I plan to do is to create fridge magnets by making small photos, say the size of a biz  card, and affixing them to some magnetic squares I happen to have in stock. These will be party favours for Saturday.