Monday, 4 June 2012

Second Shoji Panel is Drying

Art exchange is tomorrow. That is, I pick up last month's art and exchange it for this month's. I have completed one panel and the second one is drying. You can see books and CDs weighing-down the photos.

This will not be the sort of art one examines while sucking in breath and saying, "(breath-suck) How'd she do this?" Au contraire, anyone with a box of decapitated dolls and time on their hands could do it.

However, as with most art, the one who thinks of it first is the artist. The rest are just copy-cats.

I mean, walk into my bedroom and it's Tracey Emin all over...
My Bed by Tracey Emin as seen at The Tate in London.  but she did it first as an installation and got famous for it. Me, I'm just a slattern.