Sunday, 5 August 2012

Update on Patrick John Mills Gallery

A disturbing sight, the Lot for Sale sign in front of Patrick John Mills Gallery on Hinchey Street in Hintonburg. Who would have thought that the best-kept, wonderfully landscaped property would fall prey to neighbour enmity. Such a shame.

Half the property is for sale. The main floor has been renovated
 and a new tenant takes over that lovely open space on Sept. 1/12.

Art and tools, chairs from earlier times.
Jack Stekelenberg 
and Patrick John Mills.

Actor Jacqui Du Toit and Patrick John Mills.

At an eclectic party in Renfrew where city met country.

Much change over the past month as the gallery undergoes transformation. As Patrick says, "They can't stop me from hanging art in my own apartment." So the second floor is much as it was before while the main floor is almost ready for a new tenant come Sept. 1/12. 

Two performers, Brad and Dennis, who've played at the gallery's inimitable Art Parties.