Sunday, 9 September 2012

A Day of Accomplishment

Got the bird house done. The final photo will be taken on Wednesday when it is re-installed on a pole in Almonte, ON.

To the right is a photo taken when I brought it home earlier in the summer. It was in dismal condition covered in white lichen and with the detritus of several bird families inside. It needed major cleaning, sanding and overall refurbishment.

This SKULZ was adrift for quite awhile as the green glass eyes it once had became detached and reattaching them seemed impossible. So now there are painted eyes and it has resumed it's spot in the Bed/Sit.

Below, the would-be gallows got a trim and a coat of white paint this afternoon. It's looking more and more like a heavy step-ladder but this is one of its problems. It's not stable and it needs to be for next Saturday when it gets used to hold one or two pinatas which will either be fashioned out of keyboards or parts, thereof, which will then hold scads of pink slips that may or may not have your name on it if you are one of thousands of hapless government workers who are hit by Harper and his henchmen's austerity measures.

Below is a call-out for artists by the  Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). I indicated my interest and suggested a keyboard pinata filled with pink slips which shows that we're all affected. The government rises and falls by the output of millions of government workers who peck away endlessly. Some will be keeping their jobs into 2013 while others will be "pink-slipped", that is, dismissed.

Interested in joining us?

"We are all affected" by Stephen Harper's policies and artists are "affected" in specific ways, in addition to being impacted like all Canadians via the erosion of many of our federal programs and public services.

The PSAC, the largest union representing federal public sector workers, is organizing a National Day of Action on September 15 and we are hoping that some local artists will join their voices to those of our other allies.

We are looking for three visual artists who would be willing to create a piece at Confederation Park between noon and 2:00 p.m. We are offering an honorarium of $200 to help cover time and material plus a $400 prize for the 'best piece' chosen by the public.

Our two themes are "We are all affected" and "Harper hates me".