Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Another Take on Long Day's Journey

Less wooden, more modelling, better acting all-way-round.
It becomes apparent from this rendition of O'Neill's play that the playwright must write so that people
want to know how the play's going to end. They must believe in the people, care about them.

This 1996 Canadian production has this instilled.

Some may recall reading a review of the 1980 Jack Nicholson block-buster, The Shining, where the reviewer, after comparing Shelley Duval to a Mogdigliani figure, said that he didn't give a damn what the hell happened to her or her kid. It was the greatest

James Tyrone [William Hutt]
Mary Tyrone [Martha Henry]
Jamie Tyrone [Peter Donaldson]
Edmund Tyrone [Tom McCamus