Thursday, 3 January 2013

That's Telling Them

From Seachange in response to an article in the National Post by John Ivison entitled, Simplistic Arguments from Theresa Spence. 

Every aboriginal living on the reservation and not working and every member of every band council and for damn sure the whole AFN can just go sod off. I'm right 'up to here' with the lot of you.

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You may not have the time nor the will to read thousands of comments that flow and flow and flow in response to the plethora of articles and commentary from a sundry bunch of mostly Canadians (one guy from NY wants the natives to take up arms, "Where is your Wounded Knee?" he expostulates) so I'll cut to the quick, trouble is brewing and something needs to be done quickly. 

And if it takes our former PM, Joe Clark, to hold court with Chief Theresa Spence, as Ivison suggests, then let's do it. She needs a way to unback herself out of the corner she's in and the government needs to be seen to be strong while holding out the olive branch. 

And through it all, Canadians need to start thinking and talking about something else.