Sunday, 10 March 2013

Final Stage of Shadow Box Creation

Now that the choice has been made, there is much cutting and pasting, and then hours of drying.
By tomorrow at this time, two shall be complete. The second one is going to be of faces. Not sure of the third. More miniatures are forthcoming so I may wait for them.

Heavier pieces need three shims, what I'm calling shims, to  hold
them from the background. These plastic squared tubes are part
of a keyboard I tore apart. I knew I'd find a good use for them.

Two shims glued in the middle of
a light piece. 
A square of Velcro glued to the shims.

Once the shims and Velcro are glued, laying the miniatures flat and
weighing them down  to ensure that the glue dries flat is essential.
Heavy glass hearts are being used along with a letter opener and a
hand exerciser.