Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Italian Cars of Spring

After exhausting work outside, no painting but lots of sweeping and raking, plus lots of lifting and arranging and rearranging, mid-afternoon saw a visit to Echo Drive in Ottawa for an annual event, Where are all the Italian Cars?
The dash for the Alfa engine. 
The mighty Maserati
An astonishing appearance! An Alfa
engine mounted on a test stand and
it was turn-key. It ran!
Test stand homeward bound
This year's event was open to other sports cars and a wayward MG showed up along with a vintage Velocette motorcycle. There was a mild street-rod truck painted in brandywine by an expert painter. And then, there were the Italian cars. Molto been!
Cute as a button Fiat

    Streetscape of Italian cars.

Not many white Alfas out there.

An aqua Fiat Dino.

Two Fiats.