Monday, 15 July 2013

Play Day 2

Was going to show the new pearl shadow box but my camera is not being accommodating.

Let's go with the second installment of People Want to Marvel.

First, here is a photo of Helen and Ted from the happy time in their marriage. They were married for almost 30 years, the last 13 of which he failed to keep up his marriage vows to honour and love in sickness and in health. 


But Ted, not one to lay-abed, said,


My God-given skills hang in the balance
The Jack o Lantern, Dart's fun student rag
It wants and it needs my scholarly tag.
And while it's a drag to be in the bag,
Drinking, drawing and rhyming, I must
Or, gulp, I'll just bust!

Student im-pu-dent, ballyhoodonit,
Ted, Theo,Teddy, he was ready to
Spill ink, make not a stink, the admin
Could not think, did not see, that
No Ted Geisel he be,
It was Seuss he used as a voice
Seuss, rhyming with voice,
Seuss and voice so Seuss became the voice
of Seuss, the Dr. who's name, ostensibly,
Rhymes with juice.

His parents were tickled when Oxford predickled
That young Ted might fit the professorial role
The only thing is, twas not his goal.


We met in Literature
and he seemed quite rapturature.
Sane and decent
Nice but disinterested in studies not recent.
Anglo Saxon topic not quite likely
But a nice Jewish girl from Amherst, Mass.
Helen Palmer, me oh my oh me
Appeared to be his cup of tea.


An explanation forthcoming, gushing like a tap
Quite clever was this young comic sap
Who eschewed academics to his parents' rue.


To calm and balm his father's ire, he took the
title, Dr, added Seuss and cut loose
Free of academia, listening to me,
an English major, like he, encouraging him
to draw and write for small kiddies.

I, Helen, was smitten when I saw
him draw, was it a kitten?
A devilish cat in a hat or was it
an irascible cuss at a stop waiting for a bus
on Mulberry Street? Must!
To think, I saw it originally, sin or not,
On a street Ted called Mulberry, and I was sweet
On him, saw talent most gallant and suggested
That illustration and words were his forte,
Drawing and rhyming, scribbling and nibbling
On a pencil tip, surely the way for him to have his say.

Marriage 1927! Oh heaven!
No baby carriage followed.
Him or me? Who cares?
For everyone could see that we
Were perfect as a pair and did not need
To share our hearts with youngsters
Insensate and callow,
Oh, go ahead and call us shallow!

We loved, we laughed,
We wrote, we played,
We rhymed, we stayed

And God saw that it was good.


Books galore, 43 tomes
Of children's poems and scribbles
To bibble the dribble from many a kid lipple.

The first was a burst. Publishers cried WORST.
Ted filled with dread as no, no, no,
Twenty-seven times No
Came and went, not making a dent,
No, no, no, with nothing to show.

He persisted, Vanguard Press resisted
But in the end, they dined on mulberry jam
on the street, where a melding of minds did meet
And Theodor Seuss Geisel aka Theo LeSieg
Aka Dr. Seuss, rhymes with juice, so it seems.
Came up like a rose, smelling as sweet,
Encouraging means, achieving the dreams.

And God said, this is good.