Friday, 23 August 2013

A Red-Letter Day for Guitar Cases

Who would think that a random phone call at supper time would result in me picking up six amazing guitar cases! Granted, we're not talking new here and there will be some repair needed but for purposes of art, they are perfect. Once again, Spaceman Music on Gladstone Ave. in Ottawa is to be heartily thanked. I was able to transport four using my trusty stroller and a friend carried two home for me.

Blackie sharing he fire escape with a case 
drying in the sun.

A gold-flecked fabric paint has been added to the bottom of the storage area. This masks a multitude of imperfections.

Below, the cases airing-out.
The green interior is unusual and a superb colour.
Starting to select and lay-out the clippings
for the 
decoupage case being done on
the Ottawa Hospice 
charity art