Friday, 16 August 2013

Scrambling for Space

An attempt to find space for larger art items. Got three instruments out of the way. Working on cases next. Fortunately, they stack, unlike keyboard art and SKULZ which don't.

That's a ukulele in the middle, the small green, four-stringed thing.
The other two, a Montana on the left and a First Act on the left, will be turned into art. They are barely usable as musical instruments but will make fine decorative pieces.

Went to find puffy paint, the stuff that becomes 3D when heated but the store was out of it. I want to see how it works on a soft, nylon gig bag. I am concerned that the nylon may melt.

This'll be an experiment for next week as I case more stores for puffy paint and spray-on fabric paint which is needed for the inside of a guitar case; two experiments in one.