Saturday, 13 October 2012

Sculptor Jack Stekelenburg Opens at Brush Strokes in Carleton Place

Jack can be contacted at  (613)  312-1374

UNIQUE is how I would describe Jack Stekelenburg's work. Here's how Jack, himself, describes his sculpture: "I see a piece of scrap metal and visualize how it will someday be a vital component of a unique sculpture."

His solo show opened last evening at Brush Strokes at 129 Bridge Street in Carleton Place to a steady stream of act aficionados.

Summit 3
A table of smaller metal sculptures.

Jack and a visitor in front of Rock the Cradle.

A wall of reasonably-priced smaller sculptures.
Big Mouth
Jack's neice, Anna Wolfe, from Kingston, played flute early in the evening.
Marie Brydges and her son, Matt,  played music.

View from the front door of Brush Strokes.
The location for this display is superb with a variety of backgrounds including an apropos brick wall and several light-coloured walls with shelves of interesting objects. A good point-counter-point.

Prices range from $35 for smaller pieces, $850 for medium-sized pieces such as Big Mouth and $1,500 for larger pieces such as The Farm and Rock the Cradle.

Ottawa artist, Patrick E. Greene at the opening.
An interesting composition.

The Farm