Sunday, 14 October 2012

Sign Dabbler

Getting the jump on directional signs for the upcoming music/costume/art party at Cafe Michel-Ange.

The cafe is a charming, rather unlikely spot located in mini-all-but-unknown business park that is located between Gladstone and Somerset, just off Breezehill and Loretta. Quite tucked away, it is.

Even though I've been there many times, I inevitably don't take the right street to get there. So signs are de rigeur, double-sided and with arrows.

So I sign-paint dabbled today, in between updating Facebook event pages and finally, at last, about time, put in the remaining two windows in the sun porch, sealed the unheated room with plastic sheeting and put up shelves for the plants. There is an open doorway to allow residual heat from the main rooms and during the day, three light bulbs provide additional heat. When it is extremely cold overnight, the plants shiver. None of the windows fit properly hence the yellow duct tape holding them in place.

I think, for many people, the fall brings a sense of loss, in particular, that of greenery and flowers. My attempt at holding over geraniums is met with success but it is much work cutting back and repotting them. I've done 30 and there's probably 20 more waiting in the wings outside. I am happy not to be attached to impatiens.