Friday, 13 September 2013

A Cornucopia of Art Suppies

The folded and stapled paper in magenta and green that said, Spangles, was attached to the yellowing wax paper envelope that contains black sequins from Woolworths, a store that has been defunct for decades. The colour and price, 30 cents, are recorded on a sticker. So the content of the envelope has nothing to do with Spangles. Either the store made a mistake or someone was pulling a prank.

Meanwhile, these four window colours are ones I do not have. I use this "paint" in a variety of ways.
It is curious but this is the only substance that flows where you are warned on the label to not shake or stir. Everything else, it's shake the can for two minutes, stir until the bubbles evaporate and don't forget to stir often while using. If one agitates the bottle while using, the tip clogs and the bottle must be up righted and the nozzle cleaned with a pin or thin toothpick and then art work can resume.

This is interesting, not only for the price, 55 cents, (I paid 25 cents) but that it comes in five different colours: white, blue, red, yellow and orange. I am thinking that when I try rubbings, this tracing paper might come in handy for spot application of colour.