Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Roosters are Done

The deadline isn't until Friday but I want tomorrow for touch-ups and for figuring out how to hang it.

I am calling it, Pop Art Roosters, and identifying is as multi-media. Not sure of the size but it's roughly 30" x 40".  It'll certainly stand out 'midst the fine art that will festoon the walls of the bistro come next week. Last year, there were only two or three pieces that weren't done with a paint brush on canvas, Masonite, wood or paper. Sure, I used a paint brush and construction paper but similarity ends there.

I added cardboard braces to the back. The last thing one
wants is the art falling out of the frame.

In a moment of whimsy, 
I ended up adding a
few feathers. 

I signed the back but probably will have to sign the front. 
For the back, I glued butcher's paper to a sheet of thin cardboard which I then glued to the frame, overlapping 
edges of various prints.