Monday, 16 December 2013

Fifties-Themed Party

A 1950's-themed Christmas Party at a large hotel for the staff. It's an annual affair and one that I have not missed in 25 or so years.

The big hit of this year's party was the arrival of Marilyn Monroe in that famous white dress and sporting red accessories.

Most of the people at the party were not Canadian or even North American-born and so there was much sleuthing on the Internet as to what might be suitable to wear.

Given the sub-Arctic conditions Ottawa finds itself in at present, I wanted to wear something warm and comfortable so opted to go as a beatnik. I am certain that more than 3/4 present had no idea what my black tam, cigarette in a cigarette holder and dark glasses were about. I am sure I looked sort of like a teddy boy with my black stovepipe jeans, royal blue stripped jersey and black broad-cloth jacket but no one would have recognized this, either. People were too young to get my cool daddy-o look.

It all worked out wonderfully well and everyone agreed that this was the best Christmas Party even. I think being in costume had something to do with this. It's as if people were liberated from themselves.

Not bad brows for less than two

weeks. Of course, they have been darkened
with eyebrow pencil but not trimmed.

This lovely dress was in the wearer's closet all along. She'd bought it many years ago to wear as a member of a wedding party but decided to wear something else at the last minute. This was the first, and perhaps, only time she will ever wear it. The long gloves were a gift from someone who apparently had several pairs;  not sure about the shoes and red clutch. As for the hair, I'd say that this is not her natural colour.