Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Brow Growth

Little fringy eyebrows, doing their best to keep my brow warm in these sub-zero temps. Sometimes, they look a bit darker than what they actually are.

I once saw a man, an audience member of a play, seated in the row ahead of me. His eyebrows were amazingly long and curly, almost spirally. They seemed to be heading all over his upper face. Truly one-of-a kind. I was fascinated by these brows and wanted to call attention to them to my theatre-going companion but did not want to single-out the person with the eyebrows by having him hear me.

Thus must've been in the 1980's and before French as a second language was prevalent and since my
companion was French, I said to him, "Regardez les sourcils," and pointed covertly down and over.

The thing that is noteworthy here is how on earth did I know that obscure word, sourcils. It's not as if people go around talking about eyebrows, at least, not back then.

Today, it's a different story.